BBRM Contacts

B.B.R.M. Program Counsellor

Melinda Vanryn
Johnston Hall, Room 133A

We are currently available via e-mail and by appointment through Microsoft Teams (which you have access to through your Gryph Mail account). Our office will continue to operate within usual working hours so please know we will not be checking or responding to e-mails in the evening or on the weekend.  

Students interested in making an appointment on Microsoft Teams please e-mail Ellen at from your email account with the following information:

  •  First and Last name  
  • Student ID  
  • Current Program  
  • 2-3 windows of time you are available for an appointment within the hours of 10am-3pm Monday to Thursday and 10am-12pm Friday (please keep in mind we will not be booking same day appointments). If you have time zone concerns, please let Ellen know.
  • A brief explanation regarding your reason for seeking an appointment (this gives us an idea of how we can best prepare for our meeting with you!)  
  • Preference for meeting: audio only or audio with two-way video.   

Once your appointment is booked, Ellen will give you more information about accepting a call in Teams.

B.B.R.M. Faculty Advisors

Environmental Management

Dr. John Lauzon
519-824-4120 x 52459
Alexander Hall, Room 219
Office hours by appointment.

Equine Management

Dr. Katrina Merkies
519-824-4120 x 54707
Animal Science and Nutrition Building, Room 249
Office hours by appointment.

Food Industry Management

Dr. Maria Corradini
519-824-4120 x 53344
Food Science Building, Room 255
Office hours by appointment.

Who do I contact?

Program Counsellors have in-depth knowledge regarding program requirements as well as University of Guelph regulations, policies and procedures. Your Program Counsellor can assist you in the development of your educational plans by asking appropriate questions and identifying alternatives. Your Program Counsellor can help you explore outcomes by providing useful information about who to talk to and how to get in touch with them.

Faculty Advisors are experts in their field. They can provide information on their specialization as well as career opportunities. They can also provide assistance to students with selecting courses based on student interest.

Admission Inquiries

Contact your Program Counsellor or Faculty Advisor to discuss questions about the program and its content. Admission questions can be directed to the University of Guelph's Admission Services: