Academic Consideration

The University will consider granting consideration for students if there are sufficient extenuating medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances.

Academic consideration may take the form of an extended deadline, a deferred assessment, a late drop of a course(s) with or without failure, withdrawal from a semester with or without academic failure, or permission to continue on probationary status.

A deferred assessment could take the form of approval to write a missed final examination or the completion of a course requirement after the end of the semester. See the Deferred Assessments section of this website.

Academic consideration is granted when acceptable medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances affect any portion of the semester work. Generally, work commitments will not constitute grounds for academic consideration.

Depending upon the circumstances and whether the semester work is complete, consideration may be granted by the instructor, the program counsellor or the Academic Review Committee of the program in which the student is registered. The policy on Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions outlines the categories, grounds, timelines and appeals. See Section VIII of the Undergraduate Calendar and Section VIII of the Diploma Calendar for the policy on Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions. 

The process for requesting academic consideration through the Academic Review Committee is explained in the Request for Academic Consideration section of this website.