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Thinking of Graduation

As you prepare for the graduation application process:

  • Be sure to refer to the Schedule of Studies in the appropriate Academic Calendar - the calendar that was in effect the semester you started your program unless otherwise approved by your Program Counsellor. All calendar changes must be approved by the Program Counsellor. In cases where there are discrepancies, follow the Academic Calendar. Your calendar year is stated on My Progress in the Student Planning system through Webadvisor.
  • Ensure that your major has been declared, if applicable.
  • Make sure you have the required paperwork or correspondence from the Program Counsellor granting substitution approval of any course requirements (if applicable). Individual substitutions (and some generic substitutions) are not recorded on My Progress, so you need to keep track of these in your own records. Approval may be a listserv email that gives general information on substitutions or the lists on the Supplemental Information for your Schedule of Studies. If the substitution is unique to the student, this information would be recorded in an email from the Program Counsellor.
  • Be sure to pay all library fees. Students will not be permitted to graduate if they have any outstanding fines or fees.

Please note: WebAdvisor will allow you to apply to graduate without having completed your requirements. Your Program Counsellor may not get your application until it is too late to change your selected courses, so please refer to My Progress to ensure you have all your requirements

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Graduation Application

Students will receive a personalized email from the Registrar's Office with information about graduation applications, deadlines, and fees when the student has met the minimum number of credits required to apply for graduation. These credits may or may not be the appropriate credits required for their program so it is recommended that students read through the details above and below before they proceed with the following application process.

Students apply for graduation using WebAdvisor. The application is found by logging onto WebAdvisor and selecting "Application for Graduation" under "Academic Profile". Students should be aware of application deadlines before applying to avoid paying a late fee. Students should note that the online application is available only during certain times of the year.

Detailed instructions on completing online graduation applications are offered by the Registrar's Office.

After completing and submitting their application, students should confirm their submission by exiting and re-entering WebAdvisor and following the same link, to check the status of their application.

Be sure to pay any fees associated with attending your convocation ceremony (gown rental and additional tickets).

After applications have been submitted:

After a student applies for graduation, and after the Last Class Day (the last day to drop courses for that semester), the Registrar's Office sends application requests to Program Counsellors. They are assessed by the Program Counsellor and Faculty Advisor to determine the graduation status of the student. A student may fall into one of three categories: "Eligible to Graduate", "Tentative Graduation" (need to successfully complete courses in progress), or "Not Eligible to Graduate". This decision is then returned to the Registrar's Office. Students who are not eligible to graduate will be contacted by your Program Counsellor via email or phone.