Student Planning

Course selection dates are in Section III of the Undergraduate Calendar, Schedule of Dates and Section III of the Associate Diploma Calendar, Schedule of Dates

Make sure that you refer to the Academic Calendar for your Calendar Year when building your schedule to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of your program. You should also refer to My Progress through the Student Planning system for a more detailed guideline on completing your program requirements. Follow the Calendar Year that is indicated on My Progress unless otherwise discussed with your Program Counsellor. Please contact your program counsellor if you have questions about understanding your program requirements.

More information on adding and dropping courses can be found in the Adding Courses and Dropping Courses sections of this website.

For course prerequisite and course code changes, compare the current Academic Calendar with the Academic Calendar for your Calendar Year. Both the current Academic Calendar and archived Academic Calendars can be accessed from the same website.

Your Schedule of Studies may change for your program. Please review the Supplemental Information for Your Schedule of Studies (making sure to select the correct link for your program) for up to date information on any changes.