DVM Requirements 2015 and beyond

How do the DVM requirements fit with the B.Sc.(Agr.) Animal Science major?

For students in the 2015-2016 Schedule of Studies (and beyond)

The following outlines how the required courses for Animal Science meet the admission requirements for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) as well as what requirements are not in the core courses for Animal Science. Please note that this list is just a recommended way to incorporate the requirements for DVM admission to apply after fifth semester; you are encouraged to research the other courses that are acceptable for the various required subject areas and organize your plan around when you will apply to the DVM program. Please also note that these recommendations do not assume there are no conflicts in scheduling or class availability.

It is your responsibility to review and understand all of the requirements for admission to the DVM. These requirements are available on the Ontario Veterinary College website.

Semester 1:
BIOL*1050 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
AGR*1110 (1.00 Social Science)

Semester 2:
BIOL*1090 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
FARE*1400 (1.00 Social Sciences)

Semester 3:
MBG*2040 (0.50 Genetics or 0.50 Biological Sciences; prerequisite for MCB*2050 and ZOO*3050)
MBG*2400 (0.50 Genetics or 0.50 Biological Sciences)
AGR*2350 (0.50 Biological Sciences)

Semester 4:
ANSC*2340 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
BIOC*2580 (0.50 Biochemistry; prerequisite for MCB*2050)
STAT*2040 (0.50 Statistics)
ANSC*1210 (1.00 Humanities)

Semester 5:
ANSC*3080 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
ANSC*3120 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
NUTR*3210 (0.50 Biological Sciences)
For one of your electives, it is recommended you take MCB*2050 (0.50 Cell Biology). For the other elective, it is recommended you take a Humanities or Social Science 0.50 credit for your degree requirement.*

Additional Information:

Students are able to apply to the DVM after their fifth semester. Students continuing in their degree program past this point should be careful to select courses according the B.Sc.(Agr.) degree requirements and the DVM admission requirements. The only category the core for the major does not cover is a Cell Biology course; please pay close attention to these recommendations to fit in a Cell Biology course (most common include MCB*2050 and ZOO*3050).

The MCAT is no longer required for students entering into the program for Fall 2016 (and beyond).

CROP*4260 must be taken with 2.50 other credits; it does not count towards the required 2.50 minimum credit count for a full semester.

* Please note that the list of acceptable Humanities and Social Sciences courses is different for the B.Sc.(Agr.) and the DVM admissions. You are required to take 0.50 credits for your degree program, and while FARE*1400 and ANSC*1210 both count for the DVM requirements, neither will count for your B.Sc.(Agr.) degree as your Humanities and Social Sciences. Lists for both the degree requirements for Humanities and Social Sciences and for the admissions requirement for the DVM Humanities and Social Sciences are available online.

If you are selecting alternative Humanities and Social Sciences courses to meet the DVM admissions requirements, please ensure that you are showing a progression in your work (for example, if you take a 2000 level Geography course in your fourth semester, do not take a 1000 level Geography in your fifth semester). This progression should be shown in any other subject area as well.