Adding Courses

All students can add courses using WebAdvisor.

Students cannot add courses after the published deadline date on WebAdvisor.

Undergraduate students can add a maximum of 2.75 credits per semester on WebAdvisor. Diploma students can add a maximum of 3.25 credits per semester on WebAdvisor. Only in special circumstances should a student consider taking more and should discuss this with their Program Counsellor. Students require permission from their Program Counsellor to take more than the maximum number of credits per semester. The policy on adding courses can be found in Section VIII of the Undergraduate Calendar and Section VIII of the Diploma Calendar.


When a student is adding a course using WebAdvisor it is recommended that they double check to confirm that the course has been added to their schedule. To check this, students should go back to the main menu and click on "Class Schedule". If the course does not appear there a student should try exiting WebAdvisor and then re-entering. Students should always examine their revised schedule to ensure that the course has been added and to confirm there are no conflicts. This includes conflicts in the exam schedule once it is published. Students should not enroll in courses with conflicts.

If a student is taking a course through distance education, they should check enrollment in their course list as it will not display in the schedule grid.

Course Waiver Request Forms

Students will be required to fill out Course Waiver Request forms if:

  • They are missing a pre-requisite or co-requisite for a course, and/or instructor consent is needed
  • The course is restricted or is priority access
  • The course section is full

Based on Departmental and University policies, instructors can sign Course Waiver Request forms in exceptional cases. If the instructor does not sign the waiver form, the student will not be permitted to add the course. Instructors are not obligated to sign waiver forms.

Course Waiver Request forms are available in the Program Counselling Office, at Enrolment Services in the Office of Registrarial Services (located on the third floor of the University Centre), or by accessing the electronic copy of the Course Waiver Request form.

Adding Courses using Course Waiver Request Forms

If a student has filled out a Course Waiver Request form and obtained all the necessary signatures, the student must submit the form to Enrolment Services in the Office of Registrarial Services (located on the third floor of the University Centre). Students may also email their forms to This must be done by the published deadline date. If the student does not take the form to Enrolment Services, the course will not be added! It is recommended that students keep a copy and check WebAdvisor to ensure that the course has been added to their schedule.

Only in exceptional cases will a student be allowed to add a course after the course selection period is over. Approval for a late add is not guaranteed. Exceptional circumstances for adding courses late are outlined in the Adding Courses policy.

It is the student's responsibility to go to all their classes and assess the courses in the first week of classes.