B.B.R.M. Co-op

The B.B.R.M. Co-op Experience 

A principal aim of the Co-op program in B.B.R.M. is to facilitate the transition of students from academic studies to a professional career by enhancing the integration of theory and practice.

The B.B.R.M. Co-op program is a five year program, including a minimum of four work terms*. Students must follow the academic work schedule as outlined on the Co-operative Education website

To be eligible to continue in the Co-op program, you must meet a minimum 70% cumulative average requirement after second semester, as well as meet all work term requirements. Please refer to the Co-operative Education program policy with respect to work term performance grading and work term report grading.

Please note: Students entering the B.B.R.M. program in Fall 2021 (first year students beginning their program in September 2021) will be eligible for Co-op admission to Environmental Management (EM) and Equine Management (EQM) through the Co-op in-course admission process. These students can contact the Co-op office to apply by April 2022.  Please refer to the Co-operative Education Website for application deadlines and more information. 

*FIM students in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 calendar require a minimum of three work terms with an optional fourth work term

Co-op Students - Requesting Re-admission into Co-op

If you have been required to withdraw from the Co-op program after First Year Review and you have medical, psychological or compassionate grounds to submit a request for re-admission into the Co-operative Education program, please see the Co-operative Education Website for information on deadlines and process.

For More Information

Please contact your Co-op Coordinator or Co-op Advisor (information below) or visit the Co-operative and Career Services website. For details about your schedule of studies, please refer to your Undergraduate Calendar

B.B.R.M. Co-op Coordinators

Lindsay Peddle
Co-op Coordinator, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Programs
519-824-4120 x54277 | (mobile) 226-218-2821
Co-operative Education & Career Services

Andrew J. Kramer
Co-op Co-ordinator, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Programs
519-824-4120 x52515 | (mobile) 519-212-0517
Co-operative Education & Career Services

Food Industry Management (FIM) Co-op Advisor 

Maria Corradini 
Food Science (CRIFS) 255
519-824-4120 x53344 

Environmental Management (EM) Co-op Advisor


Equine Management (EQM) Co-op Advisor