Strategies to Ensure Academic Success

Sometimes students experience a variety of difficulties which impact their ability to succeed academically. It is important to identify these difficulties as soon as possible and to seek help. Strategies include:

  • Reduce course load. A student may have already reduced their course load from five courses to four (Undergraduate Students) or from six courses to five (Diploma Students), but may consider reducing their course load further if they are still experiencing difficulty. Students can drop courses any time before the last class day without academic penalty. Students may receive a refund depending on when they drop the class(es).
  • See the course instructor and/or teaching assistant for assistance in preparing for assignments, exams, quizzes, etc. Ask for help with specific concepts or material from lectures that you do not understand.
  • Begin using the Learning Commons in the Library (first floor) early in the semester. The services provided include assistance in essay writing, preparation for multiple choice exams, study habits, organizing work load, etc. For more information, call x 53632 or just drop in.
  • Take a Stress Management Course. Stress management courses may help students if they experience exam anxiety, suffer from headaches or lack of sleep. For more information contact the Stress Management Clinic at x 52662.
  • Hire a tutor. Students can talk to their professors to see if they have any suggestions about senior students or graduate students who are willing to tutor or look up Tutoring at Guelph (TAG).
  • Go to Supported Learning Group (SLG) sessions. These weekly sessions are designed to help students in designated courses. Contact them at x 58316 or
  • Check out UAIC's Academic support webpage.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties that are personal in nature, you can contact Counselling Services at x 53244 or drop by their office on the first floor of the J.T. Powell Building.