B.Sc.(Env.) Supplemental Information for Your Schedule of Studies

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In order to find out what courses are required for graduation, you must refer to the Academic Calendars to read your Schedule of Studies and program requirements. You must follow the Schedule of Studies (i.e. the list of courses required for your program as well as any other specialization requirements) outlined in your Calendar Year. You can find your Calendar Year in My Progress on the Student Planning system through WebAdvisor; it is listed as “Calendar” (for example, if your Calendar is “2019” your Calendar Year is 2019-2020).

It is recommended that you use your Schedule of Studies and My Progress to assess what courses you still have left to complete for your program. If you have any questions about your program requirements, please ask your Program Counsellor for assistance.

Changes to Course Offerings

Changes are sometimes made to course offerings. Notes about how these changes affect your Schedule of Studies for your Calendar Year have been made according to Calendar Year in the right side menu. These lists should be used as a guide along with the listserv emails sent by your Program Counsellor and consultations with your Faculty Advisor. Check back often for updates.

Use the current Undergraduate Calendar to look at current course descriptions, policies and dates.

Please note that individually approved restricted elective substitutions or course exemptions will not be noted on this webpage; you must get individual agreements in writing with your Program Counsellor and Faculty Advisor.