1st Year BLA : Restricted Courses

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

UPDATE (July 6th, 2022): SOC 1100 & ANTH 1150 will open for BLA students on Monday, July 11th. PHIL 1010 is presently FULL. Keep monitoring this course as some students may drop it, creating limited space. 

UPDATE (June 29th, 2022): PSYC 1000 is now open!

ORIGINAL POST: Students, please note that SOC 1100, PHIL 1010, PSYC 1000 and ANTH 1150 are typically restricted (at first), with priority access being given to students in those majors. We expect the restrictions to be lifted over the course of the summer. Please continue to check WebAdvisor to see if spots open up. We suggest that students pick a second elective as a place holder. SOC 110, PHIL 1010, PSYC 100 and ANTH 1150 can be taken in a later semester, but students should be able to register for them for Fall once restrictions are lifted.

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