ENVS*2060 Labs for BBRM.EQM Students

Second year BBRM.EQM students, please note that due to conflicts with other required courses, the two Wednesday lab options for ENVS*2060 are the ONLY options that will work for scheduling.

Restrictions will be up temporarily to help with this issue. More information about restrictions will be available on the Registrarial Services Webpage for your information. 

BBRM.EM Students - GEOG 2420, GEOG 2460 and GEOG 2480

GEOG*2420 is restricted to GEOG majors and minors or BSES students for now. Restrictions on GEOG*2420 may be lifted as early as tonight (June 23rd), opening this course to non GEOG and BSES students.

GEOG*2460 requires a 1000 level GEOG course. Even without a first year GEOG, you may still make a request to take this course.

1st Year BBRM Environmental Management - MGMT 2150

For 1st-Year B.B.R.M. Environmental Management students who would prefer to take all in-person classes this Fall (2022), please note that HROB 2090 can be swapped with MGMT 2150 (fall and winter). They are both required courses for this major.

Please note that MGMT 2150 may be offered online as well in Winter 2023. 

BBRM.EM Students – GEOG 2460 enrollment

Given the 1000 level Geography prerequisite, students in Environmental Management will need to be signed into GEOG 2460 by either Melinda or the instructor, Dr. Ben DeVries. Please email either a course waiver form to be added to the course. It will be returned to you, signed, for you to then email to They will put it on WebAdvisor for you.

Undergraduate F20 Deferred Privilege

If you are unable to complete a final exam or any final assignment for F20 semester due to medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances, you must submit a request for deferred privileges via email to your program counsellor from your email address. Your request must contain:

BBRM EQM Conflicts with core courses in third year UPDATED

UPDATE: CROP 3340 will not be offered F20. I am working on this with the department with hopes it can be offered Winter 2021. They admit to missing it (because they did a one time Winter offering in 2020), but are now unable to offer it this Fall. 

UPDATE: STAT 2060 and ANSC 3080 conflict - this has been resolved and you should see a new time posted on WebAdvisor in the coming days. It sounds like M, W, F 11:30am-12:20pm is the best solution. 

Thanks for all of your patience with this! 

BSAG BBRM BLA Fall Semester Course Selection

Course selection for the Fall semester will begin in June. The class schedule will be posted in June.

If you have questions about course selection, I recommend you meet with me before you leave campus. You are welcome to come to a drop in time to have a discussion or you can talk to Ellen about an appointment. Drop in times are:

Mondays:  12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Tuesdays: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Thursdays: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Fridays: 11:30 am to 12:00 pm

BSAG BBRM BLA Summer Semester Course Selection

Summer course selection will begin March 2nd. Selection windows will open based on the number of credits you’ve completed and are currently enrolled in.

Selection will remain open until the last day to add and the exam schedule will be posted April 30th, 2020.

Please be sure to read the information sent by the Registrar’s Office and review the course selection website on WebAdvisor

If you’d like to meet with Melinda before you leave campus, please use a drop in time:

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