1st Year BLA : Restricted Courses

UPDATE (July 6th, 2022): SOC 1100 & ANTH 1150 will open for BLA students on Monday, July 11th. PHIL 1010 is presently FULL. Keep monitoring this course as some students may drop it, creating limited space. 

UPDATE (June 29th, 2022): PSYC 1000 is now open!

BLA LARC*4620 Internship

Those interested in watching the LARC*4620 Internship presentation from October 7th can view the Zoom recording here. The registration form for LARC*4620 and further information can be found on the SEDRD website here.

LARC 1950 Waitlist

LARC 1950 is currently full and accepting a waitlist. In order to prioritize first year students, no spots will be released on WebAdvisor. Please email Melinda ( to be put on the waitlist. First years will be added once they contact Melinda with their request; other students will have to include details in their email of why they need to take it this semester.

Undergraduate F20 Deferred Privilege

If you are unable to complete a final exam or any final assignment for F20 semester due to medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances, you must submit a request for deferred privileges via email to your program counsellor from your email address. Your request must contain:

BLA PHIL 2070 is Full - UPDATE

FOURTH UPDATE: Spots opened! Please let me know if you don't have a spot. 

THIRD UPDATE: I know a few of you still need this course; I am working with the department on a solution. 

SECOND UPDATE: The new section is up and only BLAs can select it. They won't keep this restriction on for long, so please select PHIL 2070 now!

UPDATE: A new seminar will be added soon (Thursdays at 4:30pm). Please watch WebAdvisor for this section to open. 

BLA First Year Students

First Year BLA Students: If LARK 1100 and LARK 1950 are full, please contact Melinda for options. 

BLA First Year Students

First Year BLA Students: SOC 1100, ANTH 1150 and PHIL 1010 are currently full.

Please contact Melinda for options. 

BSAG BBRM BLA Fall Semester Course Selection

Course selection for the Fall semester will begin in June. The class schedule will be posted in June.

If you have questions about course selection, I recommend you meet with me before you leave campus. You are welcome to come to a drop in time to have a discussion or you can talk to Ellen about an appointment. Drop in times are:

Mondays:  12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Tuesdays: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Thursdays: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Fridays: 11:30 am to 12:00 pm

BSAG BBRM BLA Summer Semester Course Selection

Summer course selection will begin March 2nd. Selection windows will open based on the number of credits you’ve completed and are currently enrolled in.

Selection will remain open until the last day to add and the exam schedule will be posted April 30th, 2020.

Please be sure to read the information sent by the Registrar’s Office and review the course selection website on WebAdvisor

If you’d like to meet with Melinda before you leave campus, please use a drop in time:

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