Contacting Your Program Counsellor

Beginning September 21st, we will continue to respond to email but are also available to meet for an audio or video appointment for those who prefer a meeting. Students interested in making an appointment please e-mail Ellen at from your email account to find a time that will work for you in our schedule.

In your e-mail please include the following information:

2020 Orientation Presentations

Welcome New Students! Attached to this news item you will find an Orientation presentation for your degree program, which is filled with lots of helpful information. Enjoy!

Fall Course Selection - Meeting with Program Counsellors

We would like to try something new to accommodate the high volume of appointment requests we typically see during the start of September. We are temporarily offering same day meetings booked via Microsoft Teams. Melinda will be available for virtual “drop-in” from August 25th to September 18th.

August Availability- Program Counselling Office

Please be advised that Melinda, Carie and Ellen will be taking vacation at various times throughout August. It will be important to pay close attention to any bounce-back messages you receive during this time, as they will provide details about our office’s availability.

S20 Last Day to Drop

Please be advised the last day to drop (12-week) summer 2020 courses is Friday July 31st. 


Students in B.Sc.(Env.) ENVS or ECOL majors (going into second year and above) wanting to take PHYS 1080 in F20 should email Carie directly about being signed in, if unable to register for it on WebAdvisor.

BLA First Year Students

First Year BLA Students: If LARK 1100 and LARK 1950 are full, please contact Melinda for options. 

BLA First Year Students

First Year BLA Students: SOC 1100, ANTH 1150 and PHIL 1010 are currently full.

Please contact Melinda for options. 

Third year BSES.EEP students - ECON 3740 pre-requisite

ECON 3740 is a required course in the schedule of studies for third year EEP students. There is a prerequisite issue with this course that is in the process of being resolved. If you are not able to register for ECON 3740, please send an email to Evie Adomait at with a course waiver request form asking to be signed into the course.

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