Contacting Your Program Counsellor

Posted on Friday, September 18th, 2020

Beginning September 21st, we will continue to respond to email but are also available to meet for an audio or video appointment for those who prefer a meeting. Students interested in making an appointment please e-mail Ellen at from your email account to find a time that will work for you in our schedule.

In your e-mail please include the following information:

  • First and Last name
  • Student ID
  • Current Program
  • 2-3 windows of time you are available for an appointment within our hours of 10am-3pm Monday to Thursday and 10am-12pm Friday (please keep in mind we will not be booking same day appointments).
  • A brief explanation regarding your reason for seeking an appointment (this gives us an idea of how we can best prepare for our meeting with you!)
  • Preference for meeting: audio only or audio with video.

Instructions for Accessing Microsoft Team Video Call:

As students, you have access to Microsoft Teams through your Gryph Mail by clicking on the icon beside Outlook in the top left of your mailbox. The icon is a square made up of nine dots.

Once you have accessed Microsoft Teams, please wait for your Program Counsellor to call you. This is to ensure completion of any meetings we may be engaged in prior to meeting with you.

In the event of any technical issues such as issues with cameras or microphones, we will address these as they happen, but please do test your camera and microphone before your scheduled appointment.

Please check your e-mail regularly for communication from us as we will be notifying you if we are experiencing technical issues or need to reschedule.

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