W23 Cancelled Courses - UPDATED

Posted on Thursday, November 3rd, 2022

We are aware of the following OAC courses that will not be offered Winter 2023 (updated November 10th):

EDRD*1400 Intro to Design

EDRD*2650 Intro to Planning and Environmental Law

EDRD*3500 Recreation and Tourism Planning

EDRD*4010 Tourism Planning in the Less Developed World

ENVS*3050 Microclimatology

ENVS*4030 Ecohydrology (might not be offered in coming years) 

ENVS*4360 Glacial Environments

HORT*3310 Plants, Food and Health

HORT*4200 Plants, the Environment and Society

LARC*4090 Seminar

OAGR*4180 Social Issues in Organic Agriculture

PBIO*4070 Biological and Cultural Control of Plant Diseases

PBIO*4290 Cannabis Production

PBIO*4350 Plants and Environmental Pollution

Other course cancellations we are aware of (note: there will be others!):

ECON 3100 Game Theory

HIST 2090 Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

GEOG 3050 Development and the City

GEOG 3490 Tourism & Sustainability

GEOG 4230 Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOG 4390 Seminar in Rural Geography

INDG 1000 Indigenous Settler Relations

HIST 2250 Environment and History

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