BIOL*1050 and AGR*1110 - Updates

Posted on Monday, July 3rd, 2023

July 13th: Good news! A new lab section in BIOL 1050 will be opened (Monday night lab). Please select this section if you still require BIOL 1050. UPDATE: This section is now open - you can register for it on WebAdvisor. 

July 12th: There will be no more spots released in BIOL 1050. This will allow us to make sure those who need the final spots, get them, so please email Melinda ( if you still need to add BIOL 1050 for either B.Sc.(Agr.) or Equine Management. 

July 10th: More spaces are being opened in both AGR*1110 and BIOL*1050 today! 

July 4th: More spaces have opened in BIOL*1050. AGR*1110 is full again after a few spaces opened. Please continue to monitor WebAdvisor this week in case of more AGR*1110 openings.

July 3rd: More spots may be opening tomorrow in BIOL*1050 and AGR*1110. Please continue to monitor WebAdvisor and this website for more information.

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