Winter 2024 Course Selection

Course selection for Winter 2024 will begin on November 6, 2023 and will open in windows based on certain criteria. Course Selection Windows are posted on the Office of Registrarial Services' webpage. 

Once your window opens, you will be able to add courses until January 12, 2024. However, we encourage you to add when your window opens as some courses fill up quickly.   

Holiday and Fall Study Break Day

As a reminder, Monday, October 9th is a Holiday and Tuesday, October 10th is the Fall Study Break Day. There are no classes scheduled for these two days.

The OAC Program Counselling office will be closed on Monday, October 9th. Our doors will re-open on Tuesday, October 10th.

Last Day to Add F23 Courses

Please be reminded that this Friday, September 15th, is the last day to add courses or make changes to your schedule for Fall 2023.

O-Week Presentations

Below are the files from the O-Week presentations given this week by Carie and Melinda. 

S23 Information for Deferring Final Coursework (Exams or Final Assignment)

If you are unable to complete a final exam or any final assignment for S23 semester due to medical, psychological or compassionate circumstances, you must submit a request for deferred assessment via email to your program counsellor from your email address. Your request must contain:

Undergraduate Registration Deposit Reminder

Please note the $200 Undergraduate Registration Deposit is due August 11, 2023.

This is important because if payment is not received in time, deregistration (the removal of all course sections from a student's course schedule) will occur. Once deregistration has occurred, there is no guarantee you will be able to get back into your selected courses once the deposit is paid.

BIOL*1090 and BIOL*1070 - Updates

July 26th Update: The department is opening a few more spots in BIOL*1070 (today). 

July 19th Update: A few spots now open in BIOL*1090 as well.

July 18th Update: There are a few spots open in BIOL*1070.

July 17th: More spots will likely be opening in both BIOL*1090 and BIOL*1070. Please continue to monitor WebAdvisor.

BIOL*1050 and AGR*1110 - Updates

July 13th: Good news! A new lab section in BIOL 1050 will be opened (Monday night lab). Please select this section if you still require BIOL 1050. UPDATE: This section is now open - you can register for it on WebAdvisor. 

July 12th: There will be no more spots released in BIOL 1050. This will allow us to make sure those who need the final spots, get them, so please email Melinda ( if you still need to add BIOL 1050 for either B.Sc.(Agr.) or Equine Management. 

July 10th: More spaces are being opened in both AGR*1110 and BIOL*1050 today! 

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