BIOL 2060 - Changes

Students previously registered in an in-class section of BIOL 2060 for fall 2022 should be aware that the department has changed the course delivery format to distance education. The course section you were registered in may now appear as not registered. If so, check that you have been added to a DE section. Do not drop the course unless you plan to not take it in fall semester.

No more new seats for certain courses

At this point in the registration/enrollment period, there may be no more new seats added to courses. 
Please contact your Program Counsellor if you are having trouble registering/enrolling in a core required course

MATH*1080 Offering Types

There are three types of section offerings for MATH*1080 for fall 2022 semester:

1st Year Students - More Seats Coming in Full Courses!

First year students, if a required course you want to register for is FULL, please continue to monitor WebAdvisor as spots may continue to open up once a section is full. Many courses have what is called rolling enrollment (smaller enrollment caps). This means that not all spots in a course will be released all-at-once on WebAdvisor. Enrollment caps will, instead, slowly be increased throughout the enrollment windows. These increases are done manually, therefore, they may not occur at 8:00am every morning.

BIOL 1050 - Spots Coming!

BIOL 1050 appears full at this time, but this is not the case. Spots in this course will become available soon. Keep checking WebAdvisor for updates. 

All Students - Full Courses

Many courses will have what is called rolling enrollment (smaller enrollment caps). This means not all spots will be released on WebAdvisor and enrollment caps will slowly be increased throughout the enrollment windows. If a course has a suspiciously low enrollment cap, keep checking back on WebAdvisor for more spots to be released.

1st Year Students - Course Time Changes

Due to an increase in enrollment numbers, the University of Guelph's scheduling team has changed the locations and times BIOL 1050 and CHEM 1040 will be offered at. 

  • Biol 1050 moved to Mo We Fr 11:30
  • Chem 1040 C03 moved to Mo We Fr 12:30 (was 11:30)

We encourage you to check WebAdvisor for updated course times and locations. 

1st Year Equine Management & BSc (Agr.) students - BIOL*1050

Please note that the University's scheduling team is currently looking for a larger lecture hall to accommodate the large number of students expected to register for BIOL*1050.
Keep checking WebAdvisor for updates. The present time that BIOL*1050 is being offered at could change. 

Last Day to Drop S22

The last day to drop courses for the Summer 2022 semester is the last day of class: 

  • Thursday, June 23 (6-week format courses) 

  • Monday, August 8 (12-week format courses) 

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